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Local McDonald's Restaurants Add Free Web Access to Their Menus
Three McDonald's restaurants in San Francisco have installed STREETSPACE Web Station™s, allowing their customers to literally "walk up to the Web" for free.
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The Web Station™s offers a potential new revenue stream as an advertising medium to deliver print, digital, Flash and full video product displays and advertising placements. The range of advertising options include digital signage, web and outdoor advertising as well as sponsorships.

Web Advertising
The Web Station™ works with a standard web browser to deliver targeted information to users and bystanders in a subtle manner and it can therefore be used as an effective communication channel for advertising purposes. Web advertising has a wide range of options including HTML banner ads, text ads like Google Adwords, interstials, rich media ads and attract loops on the Web Station™ during idle mode.

Location-Based Targeted Advertising
The Web Station™ is designed with unique features to enable customers to carry out strategic marketing/promotion activities. The Web Station™'s intelligent backend, StreetPartner’s Ad Server application allows advertisers to analyse usage pattern at terminal locations and intelligently serve location-based ads relevant to the user via the Web Station™.

  We have signed up as the sports sponsor on the >STREETSPACE network because it's a very cost-effective way to get our online offering, especially our regional section devoted to FOX Sports Net Bay Area, in front of target users. This is a great opportunity for us to test out the idea of making our site available in public places.  
- Dave Neubecker, Vice President of Marketing, FOXSports

Out of Home Advertising
The Web Station™'s strategic locations in high-foot traffic areas allows advertisers to deliver highly visible display panels to audiences based on physical locations. Each Web Station™ also provides more cost effective options to display print advertising in the form of display panels, drink tray space ads, cut-out figures etc.

Digital Signage
Digital signages are interactive and adapt to the context and audience, and allow advertisers to serve targeted ads to users at specific locations at specific times.

Discounts, Loyalty Programs and Smart Cards
The Web Station™ provides a unique approach for merchants and retail brands to promote their bargains, loyalty programs and discount to users. These e-coupons and e-vouchers can be easily printable or downloaded to reload cards like Touch-and-Go etc for users to redeem at the outlets etc.

Customer Branding
Retail and lifestyle brands that sponsor Web Station™s are able to create visual impact by customising the entire look and feel of the Web Station™ to reflect their corporate branding.

The Web Station™'s skin colour is customisable to reflect the Customer’s choice of skin colour as per requirements. The powder-coated paint has anti-reflective matte finish, heat/sunlight resistance and is available in various colours.


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