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AFFINBANK launches
“Our internet banking strategy helps our customers by distributing and expanding our delivery channels as wide as possible, so that any person with or without a computer will still be able to make their banking transactions.”
AFFIN Bank, Malaysia

AFFIN Bank deployed the Web Station™s to launch their online banking portal,, a eBanking facility specifically designed to enable customers do their banking transactions safely and easily.

AFFIN Bank aims to progressively roll out the Web Station™s across all its branches throughout Malaysia to ensure that accessibility to Internet banking is not confined only to customers’ homes and offices anymore. This is in line with AFFIN Bank’s aim to distribute and expand delivery channels as widely as possible to enable customers without a computer to make their banking transactions.

Streetspace worked with AFFIN Bank to help them understand various aspects associated with such a service and the end result is a robust, user friendly service with good response times to cater to the needs of its customers.

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