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“Our internet banking strategy helps our customers by distributing and expanding our delivery channels as wide as possible, so that any person with or without a computer will still be able to make their banking transactions.”
City of Berkeley, CA

Streetspace launched its Clicks-and-Mortar network of retail Web Station™s with over 60 high-traffic retail locations in Berkeley, California in late 1999 in order to test the network technically and operationally.

Streetspace’s stylishly designed Web Station™s in cafe's, book stores, record stores, and restaurants offered users free access to email, city guide, news, sports, online shopping, retail partner's online offering, and other popular web content

  “What's really exciting about all this is that we are completely focused on the local community. Streetspace is also offering retailers and businesses the opportunity to deliver targeted advertising, promotions and other content to customers based on their profiles, location, usage history and time.  
- Kevin Seal, Streetspace Content Team, Berkeley 2000

ZDTV News: Streetspace in Berkeley
Among the high traffic retails locations included Tower Records, Amoeba Music, Cody's Books, Reel Video, Royal Ground Cafe, and Smart Alec's restaurant. Streetspace users have access to free access to major websites like HotMail, CitySearch,, and ABC as well as a local video and text magazine geared at U.C.Berkeley’s demographics.
Streetspace’s strategy was to help retailers leverage their physical space to build a stronger online presence and provide their customers with free access to rich media content and online services. It thus offered retailers a free end-to-end solution that included installation, high-speed Internet connection, network management, customer service, maintenance, cleaning, and usage tracking and reporting.

Success was almost immediate and within the first few weeks, Streetspace had attracted over 30,000 registered users, a third of the city's total population.

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