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Maybank’s net lounge
“With Internet banking gaining predominance, the bank aimed to provide banking services in non-traditional locations such as shopping malls to cater to the “changing lifestyles of customers.”
- The Star

With Internet banking gaining predominance, Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia, was keen to encourage more customers to use its online portal, by providing banking services in non-traditional locations such as shopping malls.

The visually appealing and easy-to-use broadband access Web Station™s allow users to carry out financial transactions and bill payments. Customers can pay bills using their credit cards detaiils, buy movie tickets and use other online services on the Web Station™s.

Streetspace’s customised browser also creates a private network to maximise users’ interaction with the offering.

To facilitate secure banking transactions, Web Station™ ensures. private data pertaining to a session is deleted from the cache directory once the session is completed and user logs off. This ensures that new user always initiates a new session with no data cached by previous sessions.

Streetspace Web Station™s are installed with StreetPartner™ network manager to provide performance and usage monitoring, session reporting, station status, alarm logs and other controls which help monitor and maintain the overall application.
A customer conducts online transaction at a Maybank Web Station™.  

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