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HR Ministry's electronic terminals to list 50,000 job openings
“Dr Fong Chang On (then Human Resources Minister), testing the job vacancy electronic terminal.”
-The Star
Ministry Of Human Resources, Malaysia

The Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia (MOHR), launched the Ministry’s job vacancy electronic terminal at KL Plaza with more than 50,000 jobs on offer. The jobs were offered through the Ministry’s Employment Labour Exchange, an automated online job matching service.

The service required simple easy-to-use Internet accessible terminals to promote their Job Clearing System, an automated online job matching service to match job seekers with prospective employers. It was to be provided for free to the public in line with the Ministry’s aim to promote JCS to match job seekers with prospective employers and help improve manpower utilization.

The Web Station™s were deployed in high traffic major downtown shopping centres in Kuching and Kuala Lumpur. The Web Station™s were administered by the StreetPartner™ network manager to monitor usage statistics and compile user data and remotely monitor the Web Station™ network.

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