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"There are plans to have a network of ELX terminals in post offices, LRT stations and shopping complexes. Currently, there are three stations located at Bukit Bintang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, in Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching.”
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1 June 2009
Welcome to Embedded Wireless Labs’ New Streetspace Product Website.
Embedded Wireless Labs

Embedded Wireless Labs is pleased to announce the launch of their new Streetspace product website. which went live as of 1st June 2009.

The Streetspace brand has undergone exponential growth to become a key player in the self-service terminal market in the last few years. Various aspects of the product’s features have been further enhanced and the Streetspace Web Station™s continue to attract new buyers even as existing customers expand their deployments.

“The new site is timely to improve the visibility of the Streetspace brand with customers and vendors as well as to promote new product features and business applications. Streetspace’s key focus is also to provide website visitors with a compelling experience designed to familiarize themselves with the Streetspace product and its new models,“ said Christian Kumar, who manages product marketing and web media strategy.

The Streetspace website not only provides information on the Web Station™'s key features, available models and value-added options such as touch screen, smart card reader and web camera but also provides product catalogues and online sales order forms for potential customers. It also highlights various business applications to deploy Web Station™s such as web based point of sale, Internet banking, Retail and e-Government services among others.

Further with ongoing development on a new model series to be launched soon, EWL also plans to provide timely updates on the company’s product strategy. The Company has also lined up further enhancements to the site to make it even more compelling and improve greater interaction between the company and its customers and vendors.

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