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Electronic Matchmaker
"There are plans to have a network of ELX terminals in post offices, LRT stations and shopping complexes. Currently, there are three stations located at Bukit Bintang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, in Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching.”
- The Star
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3 July 2009
Tie Asia Pacific Conference
MSC Malaysia Images’ Public Gallery
Many conference delegates were able to check their emails or get the latest news updates via Streetspace Web Station™s at the TiE conference.

2 July 2009
Streetspace Web Station™ brings the Web to TiE Asia Pacific Conference 2009
Visitors and delegates to the TiE Asia Pacific Conference 2009 didn’t have to leave their email, twitter and Internet access behind as Streetspace Web Station™s appeared at the show floor of the TiE Asia Pacific Conference 2009

10 June 2009
EWL unveils new Web Station™ model F-Series
Embedded Wireless Labs recently unveiled its new F- Series model Web Station™ to the market after several months in development.

9 June 2009
EWL Introduces New Web Station™ Model and Phoenix Development Board at National ICT Conference 2009
Embedded Wireless Labs geared up for the third quarter by introducing prospective buyers to its new Phoenix Series high performance development board and new F-Series Web Station™...

1 June 2009
Welcome to Embedded Wireless Labs’ New Streetspace Product Website
“The new site is timely to improve the visibility of the Streetspace brand with customers and vendors as well as to promote new product features and business applications.”

1 January 2009
Affin Bank catches up Online
”For people who do not have access to computers, we have installed Internet terminals in our branches so that they can continue to do banking in our self-service lobbies. We are progressively rolling out Internet terminals across all our branches throughout Malaysia.”

18 December 2008
AFFINBANK launches, a simple, convenient and safe Internet-banking service for everyday customers
AFFIN Bank Press Release
“These terminals are a physical representation of our tagline “Banking without Barriers” because they also offer 24–hour banking.”

December 2008
Affin Bank lancar khidmat online
Harian Metro Online
Perkhidmatan ini turut menyediakan kemudahan terminal Internet di setiap cawangan Affin Bank sebagai kemudahan berterusan kepada pengguna yang tidak mempunyai perkhidmatan Internet.

14 August 2008
CIMB to invest RM5mil in cafe banking outlets
The Star Online
CIMB cafe banking outlets would be equipped with self-service terminals and online banking portal CIMB Clicks to offer customers the convenience of performing their banking transactions and enjoying the experience of an Old Town White Coffee cafe© in one location.

14 August 2008
Nicol David Goes Online at the Web Station™
Squash World Champion, Nicol David tries out the Web Station™ at CIMB’s Cyberbanking Café Launch.

13 August 2008
CIMB Bank launches 1st cafe© banking outlet with OldTown White Coffee
CIMB Press Release
The cafe is equipped with self-service terminals (SST) comprising ATMs, cash deposit machines, cheque deposit machines and CIMB Clicks, the internet banking portal of the bank to enable customers to "eat & bank" in one convenient location.

08 January 2008
CES 2008: Streetspace robust Webstation
Pocket Lint, UK
Designed for use by consumers who have to buy credit via pre-paid scratch cards, the Streetspace demonstrates just how online the world wants to be today.

02 January 2008
Streetspace Web Station™ debuts at CES2008
Embedded Wireless Labs started its 2008 calendar year in Las Vegas meeting prospective buyers at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Industry’s largest trade-only show.

08 August 2007
Maybank’s Net lounge
The Star
With Internet banking gaining predominance, the bank aimed to provide banking services in non-traditional locations such as shopping malls to cater to the “changing lifestyles of customers. The lounge is equipped with four Internet terminals for customers to do their Internet banking transactions.

07 August 2007
Maybank To Spend Up To RM2 Mln To Set Up Four@ Maybank2u Lounges
These lounges are Maybank's latest initiatives to provide an enriching banking experience for customers in need of Internet access to do their banking via

03 July 2007
Surf while you wait
Straits Times, Singapore
The Web Station™s are already popular with students like Syukur Bin Haris, 13, who tried out the Web Station™ at Boon Lay with two friends. The Secondary One student said, “It is a nice device and very cheap to use. I can check my email messages from my friends, surf my Friendster account and also read online news.

26 June 2007
Electronic Matchmaker
The Star
Currently, there are three stations located at Bukit Bintang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, in Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching. Another seven stations are already scheduled to be placed around the nation by the end of this year.

19 June 2007
Surf the Net or catch up with the latest news
Straits Times, Singapore
Each buzz pod is also installed with a Pacific Internet web-station, at which users - even those without Wi-Fi devices on hand - can surf the Internet. The Web Station™ will also allow Net-savvy Singaporeans to pay their bills and top up their prepaid phone and gaming accounts such as Habbo Hotel and Pirate King Online.

18 June 2007
Buzz pods for news, downloads to hit all interchanges
Straits Times, Singapore
SINGAPORE Press Holdings Limited (SPH) and SBS Transit Limited (SBS Transit) will introduce a new generation of newsstands, called buzz pods, at all 14 bus interchanges island-wide.

June 2007
Shop, Surf and Sign Up At Buzz Pods at the Bus Interchanges
SBSTransite Press Release
“…the PacNet webstations at the buzz pods will allow them to do a quick check on their emails, pay bills and top up their ez-link cards via credit cards. The buzz pods at all the bus interchanges will also be equipped with TeleMoney, a payment facility offered by Systems@Work, hence making it easy and convenient for consumers to top up their prepaid phone cards and gaming cards."

05June 2007
JCS alternatif mudah cari kerja (BM)
Harian Metro
Download PDF

19 May 2007
HR Ministry's electronic terminals to list 50,000 job openings
The Star
“The electronic terminals offer jobs in government agencies, private sector and foreign companies so those who are looking for jobs can check them out there.”

18 May 2007
Jobs at push of a button
The Star
The Human Resources Ministry will set up job vacancy electronic terminals in all parts of the country in line with the Government's vision to provide an instant response to queries for jobs.

17 May 2007
First Employment Terminals At Bukit Bintang Plaza Opens On May 24
"Opening of employment terminals at places frequented by the public like at shopping complexes was an innovative approach adopted by his ministry to provide an efficient employment service for job-seekers," he said.

April 2007
Need a job? Go shopping!
By year-end job seekers can find work while they shop. The Labour Department plans to set up job-search kiosks in major shopping complexes nationwide by December.The first kiosk, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn, would open in Kuala Lumpur’s Berjaya Times Square next month

16 April 2002
Terminals' impact being felt in retail
“As e-commerce grows in popularity and consumers become accustomed to using public terminals, more retailers will turn to terminals. That way, they can offer more of their inventory to customers, not just the items on the sales floor.”

Winner Galleries IDEA 2001 - STREETSPACE Web Station™: Silver, Environments
“Why should a public access Internet terminal look like a shrine, closed off, walled in and private when it is supposed to be accessible and ubiquitous as the payphone?”

25 June 2001
The Complete List of 2001 Winners

April 2001
Clicks and Mortar
QSR Magazine
Three Berkeley-area McDonald's keep customers web-connected with a new retail terminal.

30 November 2000
McDonald's Adds Free Web Access to Menu
QGR Magazine
Recognizing the increasing need to build a strong presence online, many retailers are calling on Streetspace to help them leverage their physical space to introduce their websites to customers.

17 November 2000
Local McDonald's Restaurants Add Free Web Access to Their Menus
Digital Journal
Three McDonald's restaurants in San Francisco have installed >STREETSPACE Web Station™s, allowing their customers to literally "walk up to the Web" for free.

04 August 2000
>STREETSPACE to Offer Free Web Access Via Private Network in Retail Locations.
PR Newswire
For the last 9 months, consumers in Berkeley, CA have been accessing >STREETSPACE's free Web-based services in cafe's, book stores, record stores, and restaurants via stylishly designed Web Station™s.

04 August 2000
San Francisco Giants to Provide Free Access to >STREETSPACE Web Station™s at Pacific Bell Park.
PR Newswire
The San Francisco Giants have partnered with >STREETSPACE to provide fans with free access to Web-based content and services at Pacific Bell Park.

16 August 2000
STREETSPACE: Webbing at a Store Near you
Silicon Valley
“In a report released last June by Forrester Research, 80% of retailers say they are planning to have Web-based terminals in most of their stores by 2002.”

20 March 2000
Muze And Streetspace. Announce Alliance To Build Internet Kiosk Network
“Streetspace's access to online services from a broad range of retail locations opens up increased avenues for consumers to access our database and shop at their convenience.”

28 February 2000
Muze and >STREETSPACE. Announce Alliance to Build Internet Terminal Network.
Business Wire
">STREETSPACE's access to online services from a broad range of retail locations opens up increased avenues for consumers…"These days, more and more people are living online. That doesn't stop when you leave the house. We are providing the retailer's customers with features that we know will bring them back again and again."

21 October 1999
Café Net Linkedup
San Francisco Examiner
Staying in touch just go easier. At least it did in Berkeley where 62 new free email terminals will be unveiled at Restaurants and shops around town Friday.

Free standing Internet terminal
IDEO provided industrial design for the Web Station™ that is sleek but extremely rugged.
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