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Channel Retailers to Increase Sales
According to eMarketer, multi-channel shoppers in the US who research products online and buy in-store are having a greater effect on store sales than on Web sales.

Retailers thus need to use online channels to promote offline sales in order to capitalise on the $471 billion total store sales influenced by online research compared to retail e-commerce sales of $136 billion. That’s $3.45 of store sales for every $1 in online sales. eMarketer estimates Web-influenced store sales forecast for 2007 to 2012, to grow at a 19% average annual rate, compared with a 12% rate for retail e-commerce.

  As e-commerce grows in popularity and consumers become accustomed to using public terminals, more retailers will turn to Web Station™. That way, they can offer more of their inventory to customers, not just the items on the sales floor.  

The Web Station™s facilitates this process as its store presence allows users to make quick and instant online research to make a purchase decision. This shopping behaviour is changing consumer shopping experience and how retailers sell their products.

Increase Retail Offering with Virtual Inventory
In-store terminals allow retailers to maximise sales opportunity by offering more of their inventory to customers without needing to stock them at the store. This saves retailers on sales floor and shelf space. Retailers can also stock more obscure items at the warehouse and supply to customers who order in-store and thus take advantage of the long tail of sales cycle.

Retail Product Display
The Web Station™'s sleek design by IDEO, the world’s leading industrial design house, makes it well suited as a retail display terminal in retail stores, product showrooms and trade shows. Retailers can use Web Station™s to provide promotional messages and videos to their target audience as a way to enhance product branding and encourage customer interaction with the brand.

Exclusive Access
The Web Station™'s browser can be customised to create exclusive play for a customer website using the ‘private network’ approach to the prevent URL entry. Customers are therefore able to keep users on their site while providing basic Internet services.

Discounts, Loyalty Programs and Smart Cards
The Web Station™ provides a unique approach for merchants and retail brands to promote their bargains, loyalty programs and discount to users. These e-coupons and e-vouchers can be easily printable or downloaded to reload cards like Touch-and-Go etc for users to redeem at the outlets etc.

Cafés, Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets

The Web Station™'s sleek design makes it well suited in to facilitate menu sampling and food ordering in cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets.

  In addition to giving our customers free access to popular Internet content, it provides us with a great opportunity to connect with our customers in a new way.  
- Bob Mendes, San Francisco McDonald's franchisee (2000)

As a food ordering station in a fast food outlet, the Web Station™s could offer customers the convenience of paying for orders without being waited on by an employee. Additionally as the order come straight from the customers to the kitchen, this helps operators improve the efficiency of their delivery system and enhance customer satisfaction.


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