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SF Giants Ball Park

Streetspace Web Station™s were rolled out on a successful program with the SF Giants in San Francisco in 2000.

The Streetspace offering consists of compact, stylishly designed Web Station™s connected to a private broadband network. Standard features on a Web Station™ include the retail partner's online offering, plus free access to e-mail, city guide, news, sports, online shopping, and other popular online offerings.

  We have a very rich online offering in, and >STREETSPACE will make it easy for our fans to experience it while they are here at the ballpark  
- Mario Alioto, SF Giants' Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Web Station™s in Action

TechTV: Giants Go Online
The stylishly designed Web Station™s were placed in prominent locations within the ballpark to allow fans free access to Giants-specific content for the entire 2000 season. For the Giants it was an opportunity to connect with their fans and allow them to enjoy Giant specific content including game highlights, player profiles, statistics, interviews with players and coaches, and information on the Pacific Bell Giants Rewards Club.

At the same time, fans were able to view other rich media content, check their email, get news and sports updates, check movie listings, make restaurant reservations, and shop online.

Sponsored content such as HotMail, CitySearch,, and were also featured on the Streetspace site.

ZDTV: Web surf in Ballpark

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