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AFFINBANK launches
“Our internet banking strategy helps our customers by distributing and expanding our delivery channels as wide as possible, so that any person with or without a computer will still be able to make their banking transactions.”
Singapore Mass Rail Transit  

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is the premier multi-modal public transport service provider offering integrated transport services island-wide and operates Singapore’s Mass Rail Transit system.

SMRT made the Web Station™s available to commuters within the SMRT rail and bus networks in order to fill a growing need for Internet access for people on the move.

  For undergraduate Adela Josephine 21, the PacNet Webstation terminal launched on June 18, is where she can do quick chores - like check for an urgent e-mail message or make a last-minute booking of cinema tickets online.  
- The Straits Times Spore

The Web Station™s were made available to the public on a pay-per-use model using smart cards, prepaid cards, contactless ‘EZ Link’ cards and Pacific Internet ISP’s customers user IDs. These Web Station™s were deployed over eleven locations on the MRT network.


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