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EWL Introduces Development Board & Web Station™ Model at NICT 2009
Delegates were drawn to the new F-Series model Web Station™ due to its additional value added features such as the 3-inch thermal printer and an industrial grade A4 printer as these opened up possibilities for e-Ticketing and complemented e-Government service delivery

StreetPartner™ is a web based network manager to allow Web Station™s customers to remotely operate, monitor and analyze patterns and behavior of users who use the platform, therefore making the deployment a measurable success.

StreetPartner™ allows customers to securely login and remotely operate the Web Station™. Customers are able to capture analytics, and monetize other revenue possibilities using the Web Station™ network. The Ad Server Platform integrated into StreetPartner™, allows operators to deliver targeted online services and ads based on variables such as profile, location, usage history and time.

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