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Transport and Travel

Self-service terminals have shown great potential in deployments at transportation hubs such as airport terminals, railway stations and bus depots to provide real time passenger information and schedules or flight check-in. Similarly they are increasingly used in tourism and hospitality industries to provide travel information, facilitate hotel guest check-in, and promote tourist destinations.

Airlines Passenger Check In
At airports, self-service Web Station™s can act as a direct contact between passengers and the airlines company to allow passengers to easily check in. Passengers can switch to earlier flights, select seats or request for a seat upgrade, make meal requests, and check on their frequent flyer miles information before proceeding to print their boarding pass.

  ..We are able to add a new dimension to the travelling experience where commuters can now surf the Internet and get news updates while waiting for the bus to arrive."  
- Gan Juay Kiat, SBS Transit
Chief Operating Officer

The availability of self-service terminals allows passengers to conduct transactions independently without requiring over-the-counter services and avoid long queues and wait times. Web Station™s speed-up check-in procedures for airlines and frees up airline employees‘ time to focus on building value to the customer.

Travel Information
Internet terminals deployed at airports, subway stations and other transport hubs allow passengers to browse travel information, lookup connection flight details and check emails on-the-go. Passengers arriving at an airport could make hotel reservation or check out car rentals. Those on long layovers could even surf to the airport website to locate their orientation in the building. At bus terminals, for example passengers could look up information on bus companies, timetables and purchase tickets online.

The Web Station™ stands to drive greater sales for airlines and other transport operators as they can be placed in different areas and hence have a wider reach. Operators can also make revenue through advertising or charge users for access.

Self Check-in at Hotel
Due to rising administrative costs, hotels are hard pressed to deliver efficient services while maintaining or improving standards of service. The Web Station™s self-service solution for hotels allows guests to check-in effortlessly without needing to wait. Hotels can also issue guests with breakfast vouchers at their restaurants as well as upsell their dining and recreation facilities.

Guest self check-in Web Station™ allows hotels to reduce front-desk administration and reallocate staff to deliver higher-value services to guests.

Information Service
Web Station™s present a unique opportunity for hotels to highlight their online offering and build brand loyalty among guests by providing tourist information and improving overall customer service and satisfaction.

Busy guests are able to check emails, exchange rates, city maps as well as look up information on restaurants, bars, events, city tours, excursions and car rentals. Guests can also download city maps or alternatively look up floor orientation in larger hotels and resorts,

Promoting Travel Destinations
The tourism industry and government agencies play a huge role in promoting local travel destinations, hotels and tourism related businesses to tourists through various means including mainstream media, trade shows, online channels and retail outlets.

As a public information display at key tourist spots, retail outlets, shopping malls, trade shows and tourism centres, Web Station™s offer enhanced visitor interaction by effectively combining video production, motion graphics and flash animations to increase awareness of tourism portals and travel destinations.


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